Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brief Update

I'm back in! For some reason Blogspot or Google or whoever wouldn't let me in for the last several months. I've been reading your blogs but haven't been able to post a comment or even log in to mine. I finally mustered up the patience to go through the steps to resetting my passwords and stuff. So, hooray!

Now that that's out of the way, I have little to report. The big winter storm came through, although I don't see as much snow as I expected in my front yard. Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of snow and ice, I just thought it would be MORE. Rake, however, apparently got a BLIZZARD up in Chicago.

It's been almost a year since I posted so maybe I can keep up that pace. See ya next February!

OK that was a joke but I'm not making any lofty goals of posting at any specific rate. I'll do it when I can or when there's something worth reporting. That's a pretty high bar for me by the way. The DH's surgery, daughter off to college. I don't mind reading about others' daily activities (for the most part) but I don't feel like writing about mine. I write a lot at work and have many ideas, notes, concerns, must-follow-up-on items in my head while I'm there. I just don't feel like organizing my thoughts in that way when I get home. I'd rather watch Glee or Top Chef.

Anyway, now maybe I can comment on the blogs once in a while. Love to you all.

p.s. Please don't use the comments section to point out my typos. Yes, I make them. Ha ha. Can we be done with that please?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, I don't really have a topic so I thought "what if I found some random picture on the web and that could be my inspiration?" So I typed the word random into the Google box and this is the first thing I got:

This is a graph of successive powers of 3/2 in base 6. The leading digits in the fractional parts of these numbers form a sequence that seems random. The process of multiplication by 3/2 in base 6 corresponds to a k=6, r=1, cellular automaton rule.

This is from an article written by Stephen Wolfram, who own the company that produces Mathematica, among other things. They are based in my town. Isn't it funny that I try to get a picture "at random" and I end up within a few miles of my house? Like when Dorothy goes looking for her heart's desire and ends up finding it in her own backing yard.

Now the update - nothing much going in. Sandbox has the flu, the DH is recovering slowly but surely, I am swamped at work, the girls are doing the drama thing, the snow melts then more falls from the sky. I've read some good books lately. And I bought a pretty pink stapler.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day

Things I did today:
~ slept in (sort of) since I was up throughout the night with crisis calls
~ shoveled the porch and sidewalk
~ went to the DMV to renew license plate sticker and get the DH's handicapped parking placard
~ went to the Social Security office so Rake could get a copy of her SS card
~ went to the pharmacy to get more pain pills for the DH, bought birthday cards and a Sudoku book for him too since it's his birthday today (lame presents I know)
~ bought him a chicken strip basket from DQ (also lame)
~ fielded work calls
~ edited a paper
~ checked the net to see if Goo is blogging from her igloo (nope)
~ watched a bit of Project Runway
~ went out to rent a game but they didn't have what Sandbox wanted
~ this

Now it's time to shovel the sidewalk again and check the weather to see if tomorrow's a snow day too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

(my comments from the last post got too long so I pasted it here)
Yeah, yeah, I know. I just need to whine a bit myself.

There's a woman at church who fell a couple of weeks ago and broke her ankle. She did it on campus, not in her front yard. And she lives alone - no kids or partner that I know of. So that's got to be a big drag.

We called the patient advisory nurse last night because the pain was so bad and the wrappings felt too tight. She told us to unwrap and even cut the cotton if necessary. He felt so much relief (relatively speaking that is) after we loosened the wrappings that we didn't cut the other stuff. I'm glad too because I did not want to see what was under there. He also upped one of the meds to help knock him out. To hell with blurred vision! Let him sleep!

Thanks for the good wishes/prayers. Oh yeah, I didn't pay much attention to the weather on Tuesday. I got up at 4:30 to take Rake to the polling place since she was working as an election judge (even though she couldn't vote yet). Then I was up and down all day, so I fell asleep a couple of times in my chair. I think it was grey and overcast.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

home again, home again

ain't nobody doing a jig.

The DH is home and feeling the pain. Now that the nerve block has worn off, he is miserable. He is having some vision problems - one of the meds lists this as a common symptom, and one lists it as "rare but serious" and suggests you call your doctor right away. So, we have a call in to the doc.

I'm going to take him on a crutch-walk around the house to help ward off blood clots. That will not be fun. Somehow, he is crankier with me than the hospital staff. Go figure.

Ah well, it's good to have him home. I'm grateful for your positive energy. And, thanks for nothing Punxatawney Phil.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did you hear the one about the guy who slipped on the ice?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well. My family seems to be blogging again and, since I posted comments on almost every one, I feel like I've done my duty. But wait -I haven't posted on shovel and plug yet, or posted about my holidays. So here goes...

First, I didn't take any pictures over the Christmas break. I do a lot of things, documenting my life through photos is not one of them. That is not my gift. I might say (or more often think) "Oh I wish I had a camera, that would make a great picture!" But that's a lie. Because even if I had a camera, I wouldn't remember to get it out, have the patience to wait for it to power up, probably wouldn't have a decent battery in it, and any end product would never look like the photo I had envisioned.

Second, I still have a couple of gifts that I haven't mailed out yet. Prompt mailing is also not one of my gifts. I ordered Goo's back in early November feeling pret-ty proud of myself for being on top of things. But it is still in my office waiting to be mailed. I also have Christmas cards from last year (2008!) all signed and addressed, sitting around somewhere next to my bed.

Third, although several humorous events took place over the holidays, I just can't seem to conjure up much in the way of funny or touching stories today. So here's a brief list of anecdotes I COULD have blogged about. Use your imagination. If you have to know, then leave me a comment or ask one of my family members - they were there. I was never alone.)

Heading: Amtrak heading south
Entries: Bop-It!; vomit girl; the cranky conductor; "Marshall, Texas"; Kimmie, the girl who won't sit down; rummy

Heading: Texas, 1st leg
Entries: the in-laws; rental cars; assisted living; memories (or lack thereof); Polio's tattoo; Over the Rainbow; putt-putt golf; work drama back home; the weather! the food! the thrift stores!

Heading: Louisiana
Entries: allergies; the photos; the gifts; the uncomfortable bed (see LIT's blog); casinos are not for me; science museum; the plumbing (see LIT's blog)

Heading: Texas, 2nd leg
Entries: the weather; the Dagromms; this is why you're fat; not enough time;
good eats

Heading: Amtrak heading north
Entries: yay - electrical outlets!; forgot the food; The Office; the same cranky conductor

Heading: Home
Entries: the weather; shopping; at least we cleaned up; the cat's neurotic again; Christmas morning on New Year's Day (subtitle: waiting for Polio); the gifts; back to work; I hate unpacking; I joined a book club

There you have it - I think you can visualize the trip. Not enough time at certain stops but overall the vacation seemed rather too long. Not sure how that works, not enough time to think about it.

Work is extemely busy as we figure out how to stay in business when the state won't pay its bills. Life is surprisingly good there however. I'm not gonna elaborate in the blogs - I gave out this address years ago and I don't know who still reads it. It's easier to endure the financial and administrative stress when you like the people you work with.
Ok, I'm back in the game!